Core values make our company outstanding and bring people on board who share our ideas. Having our company values at heart is what we believe influences our behavior, inspires action and drives our success.




Customer Focus

The focus of our work is to provide solutions and support to our customers, allowing them to achieve absolute color accuracy.


We take pride working in a global environment and make use of our multicultural spirit within our teamwork to realize common goals. Assuring open communication and expression of ideas is important to us.


We feel a strong connection with the company and take ownership of our areas of responsibility. Actions are performed in the best interest of our company, our customers and our colleagues.


A plan is only worth something if it gets executed. That is why we don’t just plan; we get it done and deliver what we promise.


Our passion for color management solutions and our work sparks off innovative ideas and drives new opportunities for growth.


Continuous learning, professional and personal development opens doors for individual and company growth. We actively seek new ideas to make our business and ourselves better.


We strongly believe in doing business the right way and adhere to company policies and legal standards whenever and wherever.