Chemist turned professional photographer – A closer look at Alexander Heinrichs

Alexander Heinrichs PhotographyAlexander Heinrichs finished his pharmacy degree, but then decided to move to a more creative sector. Hence, he started working as a professional photographer and designer in 2004, focusing on portraits, product photography and advertising. Amongst his customers are well-known companies from different sectors, such as pharmacy, healthcare, travel, food and entertainment. Medium-sized German companies as well as international players, such as the Italian coffee brand Lavazza, cooperate with Alexander who caters for sophisticated product still life photographs, as well as corporate shots and people photography for advertising purposes. Alex also enjoys passing on his knowledge, which is why he holds photography workshops in Germany and overseas. His workshops are extremely popular and most are fully booked within a short period of time. He is always out and about and constantly looking for the next exciting challenge.


Alexander has enjoyed travelling from an early age and Namibia is a destination he is quite fond of. Recently, he visited Namibia four times and just started showing his workshop participants the fascinating beauty this country has on offer. In November, Alexander is going on his next workshop trip to Namibia, with an exclusive group of only 6 photographers. The workshop trip to paradise for landscape and wildlife photographers takes place from November 15 – 30, 2017. A safari vehicle, offering a window seat for everyone, is going to take the group on an extensive discovery tour through the country and Alexander is going to personally present the most beautiful spots in Namibia to his little group of co-travellers. When Alexander was booked for a shoot to create advertising material for the Namibia Tourism Board, he spent several weeks exploring the best spots for fascinating wildlife and landscape photos representing Namibia’s diversity, which he can now present to his workshop group.



A trip to Namibia – November 2017


Kalahari Desert, well-known for its fine, red sand and its sand ridges, is one of many stops on this trip. Fascinating Namib desert is another one, waiting to be captured at sunrise, sunset and from a bird eye’s point of view while taking a hot air balloon trip, looking down at this beautiful landscape. “The hot air balloon trip is an absolute highlight of this trip and an unbelievable experience, a very special thing to do,” states Alexander who has seen quite a lot in his life. “All in all, I was lucky to experience so many very special things on my Namibia trips. I don’t really know where to start,” he says as we ask him to tell us a few little stories about the African country he has come to fall in love with.



Namibia is a very diverse country and Alexander’s workshop trip makes sure to showcase all of its different facets. Once the group leaves the desert behind, the Namibian coast is going to be the next stop. On a catamaran sailing trip, Alex and his fellow travellers will encounter dolphins, seals, turtles and – if they are lucky enough – some whales.


Of course, a typical Alexander Heinrich style model shoot has to be a part of this trip. Alex shares his knowledge and answers all of the questions that might come up. Thus, the group travels back into the desert for the shoot, followed by 4WD trip to discover Namibia’s wildlife. Snakes, lizards and chameleons are waiting to be spotted and photographed. But there is more to come in terms of animals: elephants, spring bocks, giraffes, gnus, ostriches, lions, cheetahs and rhinos. Do you think this sounds awesome? You’ll love to hear that you’ll stay in stylish and carefully selected accommodations and camps with outstanding food, making sure this trip is going to be an unforgettable journey.



“Last year, we were lucky enough to be able to follow two herds of giraffes and some rhinos by foot. It’s very rare to get that close to animals in the wild and if you do, you usually sit in a car.”


“When you’re standing there and a rhino turns around to look you in the eye and you realize that you should be getting out of its way, it’s a very emotional moment. But at the same time an unforgettable experience for any photographer,” Alex explains.


We will keep our fingers crossed for many more unique and emotional photographic moments on this year’s trip and already look forward to the pictures that will be taken back from Namibia.



Alexander’s trip to Namibia this year is already fully booked, but in 2018, there will certainly be another trip in the cards. Why don’t you follow him on Facebook or his YouTube channel? That way, you won’t miss a thing! Alex shares many interesting tips and tricks as well as his knowledge on photo editing and lighting set ups. Making of videos and exciting shoots will also be uploaded on his YouTube channel.