Meet Our 2019 Interns

Ahmed Khalil, Digital Marketing


“Datacolor provided an environment that really prepares you for the professional world. Even at the intern level, you are given tasks and projects to work on that will have a similar impact that a full time employee would have. It does a great job setting you up to make sure you are taking responsibility of your work. I find that I learned things that I would have never expected to dive into at Datacolor. There was some new programs that I picked up as well as new topics such as SEO that I can use elsewhere. The most surprising thing for me at Datacolor was the treatment of interns throughout the company. As an intern, you are held to a similar standard to that of the full time employees. I think Datacolor is a great place for someone to gain experience in a true professional setting.”



Minwei Young, Marketing


“Through this internship, I was able to put my classroom learnings into practice. I have always been interested in brand marketing and audience analysis. My work with Google Ads and Google Analytics throughout this summer bridged those interests; I learned to embody the company’s brand when writing ad copy, track and measure ad success, and turn audience behavior into actionable insights. For a long time, I had made it a goal of mine to be certified in Google Ads & Google Analytics. This internship helped make it happen. The thing that surprised me the most was that there is an entire industry dedicated to color management. I was also surprised to learn that Datacolor works with big name brands like H&M, Target, and Swarovski to ensure color consistency in their supply chain.”




Krishna Mahadas, R&D


“One thing that I learned at Datacolor that was interesting was implementing various operating systems to communicate between devices. Another thing that I enjoyed learning was how to code a color measurement robot to move to the correct location. One more interesting thing I learned was how color actually works in the 1-day color course all the interns took. Since this was my first internship, one of my goals was to just experience what it is like to be in an actual working environment. I had originally thought that it would be tough to be working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, but it turned out to be very enjoyable and interesting to work on various projects. I also wanted to get more experience working with both hardware and software. This internship was the perfect combination of both.”



Jacob Zoppina, Sales


“I learned about CRM programs such as Salesforce and MapAnything which helped me generate leads for our sales teams. I learned how to make sales phone calls and be confident in speaking to clients and urge them to purchase our products. I learned how to function in an office every day, showing up on time and prepared for work with a good attitude. I was most surprised by the friendliness of every employee. There is so much camaraderie among my department and it is great to work in a team that genuinely cares so much about each other every single day.”




Jennifer Kim, Human Resources


“I took a chance by taking an internship in a field that I didn’t study nor was really familiar with. Working at Datacolor allowed me to work in a blend of a lot of different fields and see things from the HR perspective which was really interesting. I was given a lot of independence which I really appreciated, and I was able to better understand myself and what I like or don’t like in a work environment. I think the fact that I was given a lot of freedom on projects that I was assigned and getting to actually see my work be implemented into the everyday functions of the company was the most surprising. As an intern it was a really rewarding and a rare experience to feel like my work has impact.”




Justin Carlton, R&D


“As a second-year intern, I knew what Datacolor had to offer. From my mentors to the lab equipment, everything I needed to expand my knowledge was right in front of me. Translating schoolwork to real, practical work done at this internship had its challenges, but the transition back to school afterwards really showed me just how much I had learned in such a short amount of time. Aside from all the new technical knowledge I have gained, I have also learned a lot about myself. I have learned what I enjoy working on as well as what I find to be tedious.”




Gabriel Enriquez, Finance Intern


“Interning at Datacolor has given me a better understanding of what I can expect in both a career in Accounting as well as working at in a corporation. Information of this kind cannot be found in substance solely from a classroom setting so I truly consider my experiences here as invaluable. Learning about the niche color industry in general was very interesting and how an ERP system (in this case JDE) is used as an accountant as well as the various issues that such a system presents. One of my core tasks throughout my internship was working on the collection of past due invoices. This taught me a lot about the etiquette needed to efficiently communicate between companies.”




Natalia Moran, Marketing Services


“As a content marketing intern for Datacolor, I curated, researched, and wrote a range of digital content types to support key marketing programs. My assigned projects allowed me to grow professionally as I was able to gain hands on experience with LinkedIn’s campaign tools as well as Canva, a graphic design application. At Datacolor, my learning experience went beyond the tasks at hand. I was able to experience the magnitude and reach of a global company, specifically how cultural and language barriers affected marketing initiatives. Not only was I able to better understand the innerworkings of a successful company, but I was also able to experience a fantastic company culture. The company fosters an open and friendly environment which makes it easy to ask questions and grow as both an individual and professional.”