Meet Kate Edwards

Kate Edwards

I am currently a research scientist at Datacolor where I’ve been for the last 6 months. My job entails looking for ways to improve new and developmental products to better measure color. I also do testing, data collection and analysis, technical report writing, and presenting results. I was attracted to Datacolor because of its technical challenge of color, which was new to me. The job also allowed me to use specific software language which I had expertise in, plus I liked how the company was in a good financial situation. My favorite aspect of working here is the challenge of the work. We are doing high-level technical research on color here and there is a lot to learn. On the technical side, I have learned so much about color science since I started working here which has been fun. However, as a person, I have improved my resourcefulness in getting the knowledge I need to do my job such as figuring out who knows a topic and is helpful, and what are good information sources (books, journals, websites) for color learning.