Meet Ken Butts

I am going on my 25th year working at Datacolor currently as a Global Key Account Manager who directs the activities of four key account managers based in the US, Europe, China, and Hong Kong. Our team manages Datacolor’s relationships with global retail/apparel accounts with a goal of expanding our presence in their supply chains. We do this by providing technical support, assisting with development of color management procedures, participating in supplier summits, and sharing the latest trends in digital color management. I love how Datacolor gives me the opportunity to solve problems for customers. It’s so fulfilling to see our customers really “get it” and see the benefits of our products when I have successfully guided them through implementation of a digital color management program. I believe working at Datacolor has shown me the importance of taking responsibility for maintaining strong customer relationships and in being responsive to anyone who reaches out to me for assistance, either externally or internally. That takes the form of the saying “I am Datacolor” in every conversation with a customer. So if they have a problem, the response is “I will get on it and get back to you” and then following through rather than just hiding from a difficult situation or assuming that someone else will take care of it. I have learned that people appreciate a timely response, and I chuckle when I get emails that say “Thank you for the quick response!”, so obviously, it is not standard practice. If someone thought enough of me to ask a question, then I should think enough of them to not delay my response without a good reason.