Meet Mike Brill

I am the Director of Research here at Datacolor. In that role I mentor four scientists in the creation and implementation of new color-measurement and color image-processing technologies. I also manage patent creation and patent-context awareness at Datacolor, attend conferences, write research articles and op ed pieces, and participate in standards-bodies activities on behalf of Datacolor. I’ve known about Datacolor since its era under the name Applied Color Systems, but I didn’t join the team until 2003. People at Datacolor were always engaged, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly. The company had a substantial reputation in the color-matching community, and generated high-quality products. My favorite aspect about working here is cooperating with others to perfect ideas that will be useful in the marketplace. My favorite part of managing others is to engage in productive dialogue that improves the technical excellence of our work. In my 14 years at Datacolor, I have learned to trust the people who work for me and let them make their own way, but to also keep track of the larger context of teams working across functions in the company.