The Easiest Way to Color Coordinate Your Photo Shoot

Color-coordinating your photo shoot has never been easier with ColorReader EZ and Savage Universal backgrounds. ColorReader EZ is pocket-sized, Bluetooth-enabled color matching device that lets you quickly scan the flat surface of an object’s color to find its Savage Universal background color match (as well as paint color match, RBG, Hex and CIE Lab color data) in an instant. The portable device and its accompanying phone app let you scan and organize your color matches easily, by client, project, palette, subject, etc., and you can share color matches and palettes as quickly and easily as you create them with your clients, staff – anyone!



Jay P. Morgan of the Slanted Lens recently used the ColorReader EZ in a segment he did with Megan Amber about monochromatic portraits. You can check it out here


There’s also a You Tube Video you can watch: